Technology Helping both Customers and Carpet Cleaning Businesses

One thing I always do when it comes to quoting jobs is take photos. That’s what I love about technology these days, everyone has a camera phone. As I’m in the business of carpet cleaning and relocation cleaning a lot of people tend to let’s say… stretch the truth when it comes to the cleanliness of the property.

So what I do and I also get my staff to do is; take photos.

As the saying says “a picture painted thousand words” and how true that is.

Generally what happens is people will say that the property or the carpet is in great condition, however when we arrive it’s a different story altogether. After a closer inspection we realise that additional time will be needed, however the customer will want to know why? This is where photos come in. By taking a picture of the areas that may need additional work, you’re covering you and your business.

What I like to do is actually send the photos to the customer today can see it in black and white and actually know why you’re charging an extra. I also realise you’re a bit savvy and know that you had evidence to prove what the property condition was like.

This is what real estate agents do when they do a condition report before people move in and out at the end of the tenancy. The agents realise that ‘yes’ you can put things in writing which is equally important, but … it’s also just as important to take photos as this will be evidence if it ever goes to court.

So now we do this for all of the bad jobs we come across whether it’s carpet cleaning or vacate cleaning, you can never be too careful and it’s always wise to cover yourself.

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