Great Advice from a Carpet Cleaning Mornington Peninsula Company

baby crawling along carpetIf you’re just about to move into a new home and you’re thinking of laying down carpet, it’s important to know a little bit about the carpet you choose and also how to go about cleaning it in the future. Not all carpet is the same and obviously, some are hardier than others, but …do you compensate nice soft quality carpet to ensure that it is easier to clean when it comes to hiring a professional carpet cleaning company.

At carpet cleaning Mornington peninsula we are constantly bombarded with questions from tenants and homeowners about what carpet is the best and also what types are good for longevity. One thing to remember is; thin carpet always cleans really easily, especially with carpet steam cleaning which is what we use predominantly at carpet cleaning Mornington Peninsula.

A lot of landlords these days don’t install good-quality carpets in homes that they rent out purely because of the cost factor and they know most the time the carpet will be damaged and need to be replaced within 5 to 10 years. Most people renting or should I say majority of people who rent only get their carpets professionally cleaned when they move out. This is because majority of the time this is a pre-requisite.
What most tenants don’t realise is if they had their carpets cleaned more often, it would make getting your bond back much more easier when it comes to exiting the property and it would also win favour and the eyes of the real estate agent and landlord if you can prove that you’ve had the carpets cleaned on a regular basis.

What Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners Recommend

What recommend is that people should take photos prior to moving in, so they can prove what  state of the carpet was like when it comes time to vacating. This is great especially of a matter ever went to VCAT. The judge will want to see proof as far as what the state of the property was like when the tenant moved in, and also, when they moved out. The agent generally will just work off a condition report however, if you can take notes and also provide photos, you’ll be miles ahead if they ever decide to question the quality or state of the property when you move. If they see you went that extra mile as to take photos and make notes, generally they will realise that they can’t push you around and they tend to let things slide.

If you’re a homeowner and you’re looking to get good quality carpet, one thing you need to consider is good quality carpet needs regular attention and cleaning, including carpet steam cleaning. Most carpet steam cleaners will advise you to have the carpets cleaned every 6 to 12 months in order to prolong the life of the carpet pile.

So no matter what type of carpet you end up choosing, it’s important to look at carpet cleaning as a routine affair. Take care of your carpets and you’ll have many years of enjoyment. By doing this if you’re a tenant you can save your bond, an owner you can prolong the life of the carpet and ultimately, save hundreds if not thousands in the long run.

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