Removing Stains and Spots from Your Carpet and Upholstery

stains and spots all over the carpetFor most people stains and spots can be a real pain and very unsightly. Especially large stains as they are something that you notice every day and it plays on your mind. Most of the people that we come across when it comes to stain removal have tried a number of products from the supermarket but they soon come to realise that most of them don’t do the job.

By far the best way to clean the stain or remove the spot that is getting on your nerves is with professional carpet cleaning. Most professionals will use what is known as hot water extraction to clean deep into the carpet fibre and in most cases, remove 100% of the stain.
As I said earlier when most people have a stain or a bothersome spot they generally go to the supermarket and see what they can buy when it comes to stain removers. The big problem with these stain removers is once their sprayed on, how do you remove them? That means the chemical is then lying dormant in your carpet or upholstery which then in turn, leads to more dirt build-up in the future.

There are some particular products that you can use and spray onto the carpet that you don’t need to extract, but these types of chemicals are generally only used by professional carpet cleaners. These types of chemical don’t attract dust and won’t cause damage to your carpet in the future however, they are hard to come across unless you’re using the services of a professional carpet cleaning company.
I’ve seen customers who have tried to remove particular stains with spot cleaners only to create a light bleach patch in the carpet, which in the long run makes it look worse. This could have easily been avoided by picking up the phone and getting in touch with a professional who knows what they’re doing.

The carpet cleaner will not only remove the stain but do it in a safe and timely manner. You won’t have to worry about bleach spots or any damage to the carpet as these guys do it on a regular basis. However keep in mind, you do need to use a professional company as not all carpet cleaners are the same.

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